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What is TwiddleTip ?

Twiddling, playing with the other nipple, the 'breast radio'... this spontaneous and harmless act comforts the baby and relieves their stress, but it can sometimes be bothersome or painful.

The 'breast radio' can be very irritating for mom, when breastfeeding should be pleasant. The TwiddleTip comes to relieve the discomfort caused by the twiddling reflex while you breastfeed your baby.

This accessory comes to us from Denmark and makes things more comfortable, as your little one can touch, handle, spin, stretch, and push it instead of the breast while being fed on the other side.

Say goodbye to red marks on the skin and sore nipples, here comes the TwiddleTip!

Place your TwiddleTip on your clothes and let the baby spin the TwiddleTip instead of your nipples.

Breastfeed 'in peace'; the TwiddleTip allows you to distract the baby. Its touch is soft, and its use super easy.

Wash it (TwiddleTip cleans up with warm water and soap), dry it, clip it onto your shirt, and voilĂ !

TIP: Keep your TwiddleTip close to your body before using it, so it warms up a bit and feels even better for both you and the baby.

The TwiddleTip core is made of nickel-free stainless steel. In addition to the core, TwiddleTip is upholstered with food-approved silicone, which means it's perfectly suited for body and mouth contact (though it should not be used as a pacifier/teether). TwiddleTip complies with current European standards, so it can be used for both adults and children.

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